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Why Winning Hoops is your best buy

  • Connect to youth, interscholastic and collegiate programs all year long.
  • Nearly 90 years experience serving the sports industry with our trusted resources.
  • 64% of readers prefer to receive information via print, followed closely behind by e-newsletters
  • Total market access:
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    • Custom solutions

Total Market Access


Winning Hoops offers a portfolio of customizable
marketing solutions to meet your business needs.

"Coach & A.D. and Winning Hoops have been tremendous resources for us to reach our target audience in a meaningful way. As the industry continues to evolve they've certainly helped increase our visibility, credibility, and brand for many years."

- Nick Bartlett, Airborne Athletics

“Working with Coach & A.D. and Winning Hoops has been great. Our full-page and marketplace ads have been particularly successful reaching our target demographic. Higher education has cyclical demand trends, and Winning Hoops is always insightful and flexible in getting our ads in the right issues.”

- Craig Meinhart, Ball State University